nourrit de l'intérieur, de la tête aux pieds.

Nous offrons des produits naturels. Nos produits sont polyvalents, éthiques, efficaces et amusants!

Mango & Monoi Leave-In
24.00 chf
19.00 chf 
Le Petit Pot Deo
15.00 chf
  • We’re @stylemarketstprex - along with a lot of other beautiful brands!
  • This Saturday find us outside @stylemarketstprex Hopefully, spring will be there too 🙏🏾☀️☀️
  • 😅🤭😯 = some of the looks we get at events when we tell people these products are deodorants 😂Screw norms 🤷🏾‍♀️
  • One bar, three herbs: nettle, lavender, rosemary (among other yummy ingredients) ✨🧖🏿‍♀️
  • Did we mention we’ll be @stylemarketstprex on 25/5? Stop by and say hi if you’re in the area! ✨✨
  • One of our best sellers. Refills now available in our shop. 👌🏾✨